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Pinnacle Window Solutions has searched through countless product lines to find a grouping of products that we can truly be proud of representing. With more than 40 years in the building trades and window industry you can be sure that a product supplied by Pinnacle Window Solutions will meet your highest expectations for quality and energy efficiency.


LOGIC Windows and Doors
LOGIC exceeds expectations in applications where a premium product and high performance is specified. Whether in commercial, institutional or high-end residential uses, users will appreciate the Euro look and feel. With the advanced use of thermal chambering, LOGIC functions in perfect harmony with today’s high-performance glass packages to easily achieve thermal values of up to R6.4. The 5-chamber profile with a basic overall depth of 2-3/4″ (70 mm) is an ideal use of dead air’s natural insulating characteristics. LOGIC is designed and tested to meet or exceed all applicable NFRC, AAMA and ASTM standards using certified components for the singular purpose of assuring a long life of performance and customer satisfaction.

Loewen Loewen
Established in 1905, Loewen delivers an unrivaled combination of aesthetics, performance and value through an extensive line of douglas fir and mahogany windows and doors. Loewen realizes that every project begins from an innate desire to create something great. Their quality originates in the passion of their people and ends with a dedication to offer the best solutions in the market. Unlike other window manufacturers, Loewen uses only coastal douglas fir and genuine mahogany in their frames and sashes. These tightly grained woods do more than just give their products a rich, warm texture- they-re also naturally tough and resilient, yet remarkably workable, meaning they are ideal for precision milling and capable of holding the smallest, most intricate detailing.

Alpen WindowsAlpen Windows
Our highest performance option offers a mind boggling peak performance of up to R-11.1! This option is more then three times the thermal performance of your normal energy star window. Comprised of the heaviest fiberglass pultrutions in the industry with all open cavities fully insulated to reduce thermal conductivity it's easy to see that Alpen Windows puts more into the construction of their product than any other fiberglass window system in the industry. Alpen also prides itself with their cutting edge glazing technology. Developed at MIT in the 1970's suspended film technology allows for multi-chambered performance without adding weight to the window systems hardware. Alpen also offers both high and low solar heat gain options which allow you to tune your building for optimal performance. With a industry leading lifetime warranty for residential projects the North East has embraced Alpen Windows and for the second year running this product has been our biggest seller.

Jeldwen Windows and Doors
After months of searching for a wood and aluminum clad wood window option that fit the needs of both our residential clients and commercial clients, we found that Jeld-wen offered the best of both worlds. Jeld-wen is a billion dollar company with a focus on “green manufacturing.” They excel in medium to high-end residential projects, both new construction and replacement. The company has the expertise and the product offerings to be a strong player in commercial projects ranging from new schools, hotels, multi-family housing, medical facilities and more. They are one of the few window manufactures that have met the stringent standards to be accepted by the National Parks for historic preservation and replacement projects. Jeld-wen offers our clients the flexibility to choose between four different product lines to find a wood window system that fits the esthetics and performance needs of the project while staying within their budget. With 9 interior and exterior wood species from pine to mahogany plus an amazing 41 standard color options at no additional charge makes Jeld-wen Windows and Doors a fantastic value. Most importantly to us is the service after the sale! Jeld-wen offers the best warranty in the industry which include a 20 year warranty on all wood components! No other mainstream window manufacturer in North America will go further to make sure that at the end of a project they have the most satisfied customers in the industry.

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1. an upright architectural member generally ending in small spire and used especially in Gothic construction to give weight especially to a buttress
2. the highest point of achievement