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Established in 1905, Loewen delivers an unrivaled combination of aesthetics, performance and value through an extensive line of douglas fir, FSC douglas fir and mahogany windows and doors. Loewen realizes that every project begins from an innate desire to create something great. Their quality originates in the passion of their people and ends with a dedication to offer the best solutions i the market. Unlike other window manufacturers, Loewen uses only coastal douglas fir and genuine mahogany in their frames and sashes. These tightly grained woods do more than just give their products a rich, warm texture- they are also naturally tough and resilient, yet remarkably workable, meaning they are ideal for precision milling and capable of holding the smallest, most intricate detailing.


  • True triple glazing offering up to R-6.5 full frame performance
  • Large Openings- Loewen Lift-slide and Bifold doors create stunning transitions to the fresh air and spaciousness of outdoor living
  • Finishes- With industry-leading performance and the best range of finish options, Loewen will provide your palette of inspiration
  • Retractable Screens- Loewen is proud to introduce their latest innvoation: Loewen Retractable screens